The Sexual-Mystical Sophianism of Dimitrije Mitrinović

Nemanja Radulović


   Dimitrije Mitrinović (187-1953) was Serbian-British poet, critic and esotericist who spent most of his life in UK writing in English. While minor figure on British occult scene, Mitrinović however was associated with different important personalities (Kandinsky, Adler, Ouspensky, Orage, A. Watts, Crowley). Studies paid attention to his political ideas and activities and to his ideas on art, but his esotericism still remains underresearched. In this paper we will present his version of Sophianism and sexuality. Former comes from Russian authors of turn of the century while later belongs to specifical sexual mysticism (in Versluis’ term) within his opus. Mitrinović synthetze Sophianism and sexuality in his writings together with psychology. The paper will give overview of his ideas and their genealogy.


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